M6 Plumbing proudly offers the Dallas-Fort Worth and greater East Texas area high quality water filtration services. When you choose M6 Plumbing to handle your residential water filtration needs, we present you with three options depending on your specific needs:


An anti-scale device provides the benefits of a water conditioner without salt, water waste, or the slippery feel of traditional softened water.

This system protects water fixtures and appliances including tankless water heaters and removes limescale build-up. Anti-scale devices are a Green, maintenance-free alternative to traditional water softeners, reducing both soap and detergent use.


The Flow-Tech Pure system is a carbon water filter that provides clean, clear, and odor-free water from every faucet in your home with no maintenance required. This system reduces or removes chlorine and disinfectant by-products, protecting your home against chlorine’s corrosive effects on pipes, rubber, and plastic components of appliances and fixtures.

Americans bought 42.6 billion plastic water bottles in 2010. Hundreds of millions of those bottles ended up as litter and pollution on our roads and in our lakes, rivers, and along our beaches. When you want to stop wasting your money on bottled water, choose filtered water straight from your East Texas kitchen faucet that both tastes better and smells better.


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Protect your home and those who live in your home with the complete Flow-Tech system.

This complete system is a combination of the anti-scale device and whole-house carbon filter. M6 Plumbing is so confident in this water filtration system that we offer a 10-year tank warranty and 5-year warranty on the head and media.

For more information on our water filtration services in the DFW and greater East Texas area, contact M6 Plumbing today.

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